Meet Stacie Monahan: Expert in Legal Operational Excellence

From Insurance Adjuster to Operational Innovator, Stacie transforms personal injury law practices with proven leadership and efficiency-driven solutions.

Stacie Monahan has over 25 years of hands-on experience with efficient and effective operational systems and processes. For 7 years, Stacie worked with several major insurance carriers as an insurance adjuster, managing bodily injury claims in both pre-litigation and litigation contexts. She has also worked in, and consulted for, high-level plaintiffs’ firms for nearly 20 years. Stacie has direct operational experience in every major section of a personal injury firm, in some capacity and is highly regarded for her unique blend of leadership and emotional intelligence and ability to communicate effectively with all levels of a firm’s structure. She has also built asynchronous teams across the United States and in other countries to compliment and amplify firms’ workforces. Her keen eye for detail and relentless drive for efficiency help firms maximize resources and deliver superior client outcomes. From case intake to settlement, Stacie analyzes processes, optimizes case management software, and implements best practices for improved workflow. Recognized for her leadership and quality assurance, she’s passionate about helping firms run leaner and smarter. Additionally, Stacie dedicates her time to volunteering with organizations like Duke Children’s Hospital, American Cancer Society and the American Red Cross.